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App available for Android and iPhone.


How it Works

Les Femmes is UAE’s first Buy and Sell Female Networking App. Sell your Designer, Preloved, and Vintage clothes easily for free online. Making money online is easy with Les Femmes App. It is also a platform where you can freely share your thoughts and ideas with each other. Create groups and events. And share them in different community.

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Key Features

Buy or Sell clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, kids items, beauty products, or accessories right at your fingertips. International Shipping Available.

Awesome Interface

Luxury products section showing on main page. Identify preloved and retail items. Tips to upload photos.

News Feed

See latest news from Les Femmes, like discounts, giveaways, announcements, or latest products.

User Friendly

Create and upload items fast. Easy to navigate across screens. Search products quickly with sorting and filters.

Instant Support

Get instant support from Les Femmes Team.

Join Groups You Like

Les Femmes users can join as many groups within the community or create groups of their interest. The groups range from fashion, beauty, business, travel, cooking, fitness, health, dining, mothers, and many more.

Retail and Preloved Section

Buy or Sell from Top Brands - Preloved and New Items. You can also browse different local retail stores.


Make your product visible to buyer. Advertise your preloved or brand new items on Les Femmes App.

Luxury Section

Luxury Bags, Clothes, Shoes, Watches, Jewelry, and Accessories available for Preloved and New Items for lower price. Buy or Sell designer items.

Buy Preloved and New Items

Authenticated Preloved and New Luxury Items on Les Femmes App. Choose from Top Branded Preloved and New Items, other local retail brands are also available on Les Femmes App. Many items to choose from clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and others.


Sell your Preloved and New Items

Create your Les Femmes store and sell your preloved or new items. We provide FREE AUTHENTICATION for your luxury clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc. Sign up as a regular user or as a retail (a seller who has a business license.)




  • Create Store
  • List an Item
  • Start Selling

After you create your account, you can go back and edit your profile picture, and My Store details.
To edit My Store:

  1. Go to your My Store on the main page.
  2. Select Store
  3. From the right-hand menu, select Edit Store
  4. Fill out the following details (Name, Description, Contact Number, Store Address(Country, City))
  5. Click the Camera icon to upload your My Store photo
  6. Click Edit Bank Account Info to add your bank details.
  7. Then save all details, for easy transfer once payments are ready.

To list your products on Les Femmes:

  1. Tap Camera Sell icon on the main page at the bottom of the screen.
    Or if you are on the My Store click the Sell Item.
    Note: Do not forget to fill all your details on My Store before listing an item.
  2. Take or upload up to 8 photos of the item.
  3. Fill in the required information:
    • Choose “Luxury Item” if you are uploading a luxury products and “Not Luxury” for any other regular top brands
    • Title
    • Category
    • Sub Category
    • Product Description
    • Brand Name
    • Selling Price
    • Discounted Price (Optional)
    • Color
    • Size
    • Condition
    • Quantity
    • Estimated Weight
    • Product Height, Width, and Lenght
    • If you will upload 2-3 different items (ex.Dress+Top) that you want to bundle for one price, you can choose “Bundle”
  4. Tap Save Product

First of all - Congratulations on your sale!
Once a sale has been confirmed, you have 3 days to send the item. If you don't send the item within those 3 days, the sale could be canceled and the buyer reimbursed the full purchase amount.
Remember, the quicker you send your item, the sooner you will be paid. And the more positive reviews you will get. Positive feedback adds to your value as a seller.

Follow these simple steps to make sure your item arrives in top condition.
Clean your item
Whether it's clothes, bag, shoes, accessories, we recommend that you carefully clean your item before shipping it. If you’re sending clothes, ensure they're washed and ironed. Clean the soles of shoes, or change the battery of a watch, use any dust bags that you have that may have come with the product originally.
Pack with care
Choose sustainable packing materials that will properly protect the item you're sending. Don't choose a box that is too small or large, and fill any empty space inside the package with suitable packing material. If your item arrives damaged and the packaging is found to be inadequate, we cannot guarantee compensation.
Remember! Only send one item per package with the invoice and mark the item on the package. Each item has to be sent in its own parcel and marked with its own Shipping Label. This is unless someones has bought multiple items from you, in that case they may be packed together, labeled individually. Wrong packaging which leads to losses is not compensated.
Include all the items mentioned in your description
Don't forget to include any additional items like a dust bag, authenticity certificate, or even a nice message to your buyer.
Download the Invoice
Print and then stick Invoice you received from Les Femmes on your parcel where it is flat and easily visible.
Your item is now perfectly packaged and ready to be shipped!
Pick Up and Delivery
Les Femmes provide free pick up and delivery once you sold an item. Kindly, reply to the email we sent you for the time, day, and location for pick up of your item.

To start selling and get paid, you must fill your bank details on My Store This is really easy to do - head to My Store> Edit Store> Add Bank Account Info. Don’t forget to fill out all the details for you to get paid. And click save.

When you sell an item, Les Femmes will automatically charge the 15% commission fee on every item sold. This charge will be taken directly from Account on Les Femmes on the card you are using for payments before the remainder of the money you have made is paid to you.
If you are an Individual Seller, not a business owner (without a license) selling pre-loved items or new items, we deduct 15% Les Femmes Fee for every sale you made.
If you are a Retail Business Owner with a license, we deduct 10% with tax of Les Femmes Fee for every sale you made.

Once your sale has been delivered and received by your buyer, we release the money to your Les Femmes account after 10 days of delivery. You can spend your earnings within the app as a wallet earnings or transfer your money as cash whenever you like.

Les Femmes accepts the following forms of payment:
Credit or Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) Cash on Delivery (COD Available ONLY IN UAE)

We want you to feel secure when buying or selling on Les Femmes!
Buyer’s Protection
You are protected every time you place an order on Les Femmes. When you purchase an item on Les Femmes, we keep your payment safe and secure.
If your item does not match the description, or order is damaged, please open a case by sending an email at within 3 days of delivery, before the order is marked as received.
After we verify your claim, we'll refund payment. If we don't hear from you by 3 days after your order is delivered, we'll assume everything is OK and release your payment to the seller. Once we release payment, all sales are final and no refunds will be available.
Seller’s Protection
Once your order has been delivered and accepted by your buyer, we will release your funds after 10 days and you can redeem your earnings from Les Femmes.
If a buyer reports a problem with their order, we will ask them to upload details and photos for their return request. The Les Femmes team then carefully reviews the case and offers a resolution.

You can get your order within 2-5 days. We will send you an email once the item is shipped.

A return request can typically take our team 2-5 business days to process. Please note that the length of time to review a case can vary depending on the proof we have on hand, as well as the response time it takes for a buyer or a seller to get back to us.
Kindly send us an email at for the reason of the return and attached a photo if required depending on the reason if it’s damaged item, wrong item received, missing item, or description not match on the order received.
When we have proof that the item was misrepresented, we will send the buyer a return label and have them ship the item back to the seller. Once the order is delivered back to the seller, we will begin to process the buyer’s refund, which is the full amount they paid; this includes shipping that was charged for the purchase. Please note questions on the item can be asked on the app before purchase.

Canceling an order can be done if the item is not yet shipped. Kindly send us an email at to cancel an order.

Order 50 AED and above will have free delivery and order below 50 AED will have a flat rate shipping charge of 15 AED in the UAE ONLY. Any other international shipping rates will depend on the country you want your order to be delivered.

Do you have any Questions ?

Say Hello to our support team.



App available for Android and iPhone.

Luxury Brands, Preloved, and Vintage Fashion sold by your community.